Benji Vizy
Spotlight โ€ข June 13, 2022

Candidate Spotlight: Benji Vizy

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Written by One Work

Candidate Spotlight is our interview series for job seekers who are pursuing careers in social and environmental impact. We reached out to Benji Vizy, one of our One Work members, to find out what it's like to pursue a meaningful career.

What is your mission and why is it important to you?

My mission is to empower humanity through comprehensive digital ways of viewing the journey of life. Each individual is capable of so much. Without a solid way to visualize our progress, it can be difficult to understand where we are going, and how far we are along the journey. Technology makes this more possible than ever before. With the right feedback, we can all empower ourselves into our full potential.

What makes a career meaningful to you?

A meaningful career will serve God, the underlying Creative Love that flows through everything. I am still exploring the unique function I serve, and I feel I am being called to leverage technology to increase individual liberty and autonomy. The freedom to transact and express ourselves is what allows us to find our niche in existence, and our success as a human race will be determined in large part by how many individuals find and pursue this path, building up their communities in the process ๐Ÿ”ฏ

What are you looking for in your next role?

In my next role, I'd like to contribute to the growing Web 3 movement. I'm especially interested in how blockchain innovation can be used in the service of self-sustainability and personal freedom, especially in the Tampa Bay Area.

My exact role will be determined by opportunities before me, but I would love to join a start-up that allows me to wear many hats. I would also love the opportunity to make connections between entrepreneurs and businesses in this area. My greatest skills are in writing and communication, but I would like to grow more in the areas of Business Operations and development. I currently code in Swift, Python, Solidity, and Javascript, and I'd love to sharpen those skills with a team that is aligned with my mission โ›ต๏ธ

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How can employers improve the candidate experience?

The best an employer can do is be very clear about the organization's mission, and what additional labor is required to accomplish this mission ๐ŸŽˆ

Anything else youโ€™d like to add?

There is a Renaissance developing in Tampa Bay on many fronts, and I'm looking forward to contributing to the great things happening here. Love to Everybody ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ