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SpotlightJuly 18, 2022

Company Spotlight: Premiums for the Planet

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Company Spotlight is our interview series for employers who put social and environmental impact at the forefront of their business. We reached out to Brad Stevenson from Premiums for the Planet to learn more about his company's mission and what he looks for in a job candidate.

What problem is your company solving?

Insurers have massive climate impact, for better or worse. They are the second largest money managers on earth as well as their role to decide who gets insurance, which influences business funding, operation and expansion.

In the U.S. alone we pay over $1.3 trillion each year to insurers, who collectively invest it for profit. With an estimated $582 billion invested in fossil fuels, including $90 billion in coal, many insurers invest your money to expand fossil fuel and carbon-intensive practices causing untold damage to our environment.

We believe in a future where the insurance industry is used as a force for regeneration – we’re building a marketplace and membership movement to make a difference with the money we’re already spending on insurance.

How does social impact change the way you do business?

It is the reason we are in business. We literally exist to build a movement to change insurance as a key element of economic development and harness the insurance industry, at scale, to help save the planet. That social impact ethic and purpose guides every decision we make and is integral, interwoven and the core of our vision, product and service. It is everything that we are and all that we do.

What do you enjoy most about working at Premiums for the Planet, and what are some of the challenges?

It is incredibly exciting to work on something so novel, important and purposeful. I get up each day feeling the import, potential and meaning of our mission. It is a gift to watch people light up when we explain the relationship between their insurance spend and climate-consciousness and to watch their enthusiasm and excitement about what we are doing to solve it and take something that feels like a grudge spend for them and turn it into powerful, pragmatic activism. I almost forget we’re working on insurance!

What job opportunity are you most excited about posting and why?

We are looking for an insurance operations leader – essentially, a key insurance industry influencer, entrepreneurial executive and highly networked expert that is values-aligned and passionate about our mission, to help us optimize and execute the technical insurance, product/program development and distribution aspects of our insurance roadmap. We bring atypical energy and excitement to the insurance realm, focused on purpose, doing something completely novel, navigating relationships in traditional insurance as a non-incumbent to the industry we’re seeking to change. This role is a key co-pilot that will not only have a major role in the business, but also opportunity for tremendous impact and influence in the movement trajectory and its impact.

Want to be part of the Premiums for the Planet mission? Email your resume to Brad at!

What are you looking for in your next team member?

Someone that is:

  • A passionate champion for the planet
  • Entrepreneurial, resourceful and hands-on...while capable of building the team, structures and foundation for scale
  • Honest, authentic and a gifted communicator
  • Hard working yet values a healthy, balanced lifestyle for themselves and others
  • Purpose-driven

Anything else you’d like to add?

If you’re interested in becoming a member of Premiums for the Planet, please send your existing insurance policies and an explanation of what inspires you about our post to Also, you can use any of the contact buttons on our website to fill our our intake form and one of us will be in touch to walk you through the process!

We’d love for you to be part of the community and solution! You can find us online at