A screenshot of a job posting on One Work indicating that job postings are now live.
Product UpdatesJanuary 10, 2022

One Work launches job search

One Work
Written by One Work

There are thousands of mission-driven companies that go overlooked in the battle for talent. They are the world’s foremost source of innovation and action, a wellspring of inspiration, and the answer to those seeking values-aligned work.

We believe that the world’s best talent should be working for companies driving meaningful social and environmental impact. Our collective potential rests on the shoulders of those who dedicate their lives to the service of others – the one type of work that matters – our namesake.

Today, we’re launching job opportunities on One Work. This is a small first step as we build a community that can face the most pressing challenges and opportunities of our time.

We hope you come away inspired as you discover each company’s mission and its alignment to your values.

For our part, we will continue to curate job posts and engage our employer partners to post complete profiles. If you know social and environmental impact organizations in your network, we would love to meet them – have them reach out to us at hello@onework.co.

You have it in yourself to change the world – let’s hop to it!

Looking for a meaningful career? Create your One Work profile at https://onework.co today.