Our culture

Reasons you’d love working with us

You have a passion for social entrepreneurship. We are a triple bottom line company.

You enjoy helping other people. Our best work can change lives.

You love challenging problems. We partner with our customers to solve the toughest challenges on the planet.

You have an overactive curiosity. We invest in lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

You value autonomy and ownership. We give you broad responsibility and authority for your work.

You want a career, not a job. We’re building a company where we want to spend the rest of our careers.

Reasons why we may not be a fit for you

You want to stay in your comfort zone. We grow depth in one skill and breadth in others to build agility.

You don’t like change or risk. Startups experience more change and risk than established companies.

You don’t want to work on controversial issues. We welcome difficult conversations because helping people live fulfilling lives is central to our mission.

You don’t want to volunteer regularly. We donate 5% of our time to charity, and everyone participates.

Key perks

These are our benefits that stand out from the rest.

Flexible schedule

Build the schedule that makes the most sense for you. Most roles can be full-time or part-time to fit your preferences.

Unlimited PTO

We measure performance by what you produce, not by how long you work. Need a day off? Take a day off.

Work remotely

Communication is key, but we're flexible. We hire people who thrive on autonomy, so most of our communication is asynchronous.

Learning opportunities

As a startup, there are always new challenges. See something that interests you beyond your normal responsibilities? We’ll create opportunities for you to learn new skills.

Paid volunteering

We donate 5% of our time to charity. You decide where to volunteer — any registered 501(c)(3) non-profit or government agency is up for grabs.

Your background

We are not hiring for immediate openings, but we always love meeting great people who could become our teammates in the future.

If you are interested in any of the focus areas listed here, please reach out to us at hello@onework.co and share a bit about yourself and your career goals — if you have a One Work profile, even better!

  • Web Development — React and Firebase preferred
  • Marketing — Social media, influencer, and email marketing preferred
  • Sales or Account Management — HR or recruiting technology preferred
  • Customer Success
  • Quality Assurance — Automated testing preferred
  • DevSecOps or Site Reliability Engineering — Firebase and Atlassian preferred
  • Community Management
  • Data Science — Recommendation systems preferred
  • Employee Success or Human Resources
  • UX Design
  • Sociology
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Psychology — Industrial and organizational psychology or heuristics/biases preferred
  • Change Management

Our goals

One Work is an equal opportunity employer. We know better than most that if you’re going to tackle the world’s most inspiring challenges, you’re going to need a remarkable team bringing a broad set of experiences and perspectives to the table. We want One Work to be a place where your personal story is not only valued but championed as the key element in our collective success.

If you want to join our team but don’t think you are the perfect fit, please reach out to us — at worst, you’ll get some feedback on how to position yourself to join our team in the future!