We reimagined the hiring process to support mission-driven companies like yours. Leveraging decades of psychology research, our profiles and job postings go beyond skills and experience to help you maximize the impact of every employee.

Our approach flips the script on how most companies approach hiring today โ€” but that's what makes it effective.

Attract passionate people

Your company's story is a call to action for people who want to make a difference. Attract candidates with your mission and why it matters.

a screenshot of the company's mission and why it matters

Find fit in a flash

See at a glance how closely a candidate matches your job posting so you can hire with confidence more quickly.

a screenshot of the list of job applicants showing how well they match the role

Go beyond keywords

Learn about each candidate's motivations, career goals, ideal teammates, and more. It's hiring with humanity.

a screenshot of a One Work profile showing the member's personal mission

Our approach

They believe in your mission

We start with mission alignment. Job seekers in your mission area are energized by the work you do and want to be part of the solution.

They fit in with your team

Job seekers describe their ideal team members, helping you hire someone who hits it off immediately.

They're equipped for success

Learn how to create the optimal work environment for every employee and foster a culture that drives risk taking and innovation.

They grow with you

Understand long-term goals so you can hire with a career development plan in place, avoiding the dreaded dead-end job and the attrition that results from it.